Customer testimonials

We saw Kitchen Charm at a bridal show and the purchase was made as a wedding gift for ourselves. It’s been five months since we’ve had the cookware now. I like that I don’t have to touch the pots. The quality’s amazing too.

-Jennifer of Iowa, LA


I went to one of the presentations of Kitchen Charm and the guy who was cooking during the show was very efficient. While he was cooking, the pot heats all around and not just the bottom so I was fascinated by that.

-Jacqueline of Randolph, MA


My husband and I had no intentions of buying your cookware when we went to the demo but I am very glad we did. I have no complaints whatsoever on the cookware that we bought, other than I wish we had opted for a bigger soup pot!

-Kayla of Red Deer, AB


I got an email from Kitchen Charm after attending a bridal show. The material used for their cookware was surgical steel and we’ve heard about such material being really good. When we saw it, it reinforced that idea so we purchased from Kitchen Charm.

-Jessica of Chelmsford, MA


My fiancee wanted to go to the Kitchen Charm demo at one of those bridal expos down in Memphis. The salesman was a good presenter and didn’t make it boring. We purchased our cookware mostly because of the honeymoon that we’re going to get out of the purchase. The cookware is easy to clean and is of good quality.

-Cody of Halls, TN


I really wanted the Kitchen Charm cookware and I liked it because of its long life. That’s why I decided to purchase it and have owned it for 5 months now. I also love how I can stack them on top of each other.

-Morgan of Phoenix, AZ


We owned our Kitchen Charm for about five months and I’m very impressed with the quality – it’s really well made. I really like the durability and how everything is fast and easy to cook with. I’m able to stack things and cook all together and I don’t need to use many pots to cook what I need. I’m happy with the experience. We’re waiting ’till we get married to see what we get so we can buy more from Kitchen Charm.

-Justin of Peoria, AZ


We have the cookware for four months now, and I love that Kitchen Charm cooks really quickly because we’ve got a super busy schedule. We haven’t cooked anything from being frozen yet but the chicken takes half the time to cook. There’s also a great warranty on the tradition pans. Good value of cookware. We got what we paid for.

-Latoya of Hanahan, SC


We’ve owned the Kitchen Charm cookware for about five months. I love the fact that the cookware has the little whistle thing when it’s done. It steams them to that perfect crunch but yet softness when doing vegetables. Also, we love the quality of the items. It holds up really well. We love that it had a 50-year warranty and it’s the surgical stainless steel. However, it’s pricier than what most people can afford at one time. Other than that, it was awesome. I love my pots and pans.

-Allyson of San Antonio, TX


My wife and I have been looking for some good pots and pans. We’re just getting married and the cookware that I bought at Walmart is not enough. Then we went to a display area of Kitchen Charm. She was convinced and bought it. We have had them since July and I like them and use them myself, too. All in all, I am very satisfied.

-Christian of Houma, LA

The fellow at the demonstration explained Kitchen Charm and everything was very good. I was actually very impressed with it. That alone and the value that he exhibited for it was the reason why we bought it, backed by lifetime guarantee. We’ve had it for about four months now and the knives are my favorite. The quality is just one of those one-time purchases that we wouldn’t worry about. Anybody that comes to my house, I tell them about it. It’s definitely a life-changing experience.

-Andy of Austin, TX


I’ve had Kitchen Charm cookware for a couple of months now and I’m liking it so far. I bought it just for the whole idea of having something that’s quality cookware that’s going to last a long time, even though it may be expensive at the get-go. Also, there’s the fact that even if I get stuff burnt on there, I can clean it off then use a little bit of Bar Keepers Friend on it and it’ll be nice and shiny again. Overall, Kitchen Charm makes for good quality cooking.

-Gharrett of Spokane Vly, WA


We went to their dinner demonstration, and since I run a home baking business I figured that Kitchen Charm was a good investment. I like the quality of what I purchased as it’s easier to clean it and it cooks better. I enjoy as well that I can put most of my ingredients in one pan and it cooks without oil. Overall, it was a great experience and I have already recommended it to my friend.

-Chelsea of San Diego, CA


Our experience with Kitchen Charm has been satisfying. We’ve had our cookware for three months and everything has been extremely high quality so far.

-Woodrow of Columbus, OH


We received an email from Kitchen Charm. Initially, we had gone to a competing brand but we thought their price was too high. So we wanted to check Kitchen Charm and see what they had to offer. We got a cookware from them over the summer. My favorite thing about it is how fast it can cook. I also like the quality. It’s so far much more durable than other pans that I’ve had.

-Kimberly of Reynoldsburg, OH


I’d recommend Kitchen Charm. It makes cooking a lot easier and the quality met my expectations.

-Michael of Boulder, MT


Everything’s going well with my Kitchen Charm cookware, and it’s of excellent quality. I’d recommend them.

-Matthew of Colorado Springs, CO


We wanted a good set of cookware that would last a really long time. I entered a drawing and Kitchen Charm called me and my husband to come in to see a trial. We’ve been using it now for six months and we like that it heats up really fast over a medium heat. Also, they have a pretty good quality.

-Melissa of Logan, UT


We like Kitchen Charm a lot. It makes cooking a lot easier and the pans clean really well. I don’t normally enjoy cooking but this made cooking better for me. So far it’s been a good experience.

-Lindsey of Valier, MT


I first heard about Kitchen Charm in a demonstration where a friend of mine invited me to and I liked what I saw, including the warranty. They’re a good set of cookware and easy to clean. I have them for six months now and we haven’t had any issues.

-Casey of Grand Forks, ND